Rüstem Tatar

Chartered Accountant, Nottingham University economics graduate


First Class, Southampton University, Postgraduate (M. Phil) research on “Budgeting and Financial-Managerial Controls”


Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales


Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators


After graduating from high school valedictorian, he obtained a government scholarship by examination and studied economics at Nottingham university in England obtaining a first class degree. Subsequently after three years of professional education and training he qualified as a Chartered Accountant, becoming a Member and later a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


  • 1955  Upon returning to Cyprus was appointed as senior accountant at the Treasury of the Colonial Government
  • 1958-59   Was appointed as Acting Director of the Audit Department following transfer from the island of the British   director. It was the first time that London had appointed a Cypriot to that post.
  • 1956-65  He was one of the founder members of the Turkish Cypriot Civil Servants Association. He acted as the   Executive General Secretary of the Association for 10 years. During that decade considerable rights were   obtained for the Turkish Cypriot civil servants through negotiations with the Colonial Government (Governor).   One was 20% share in all government posts for the Turkish Cypriot Community. The Society still exists as a   very active trade union championing its members’ rights.
  • 1956-67  Founder and Board Chairman for 10 years of the Turkish Cypriot Civil Servants Cooperative Savings Bank   which still exists.
  • 1960       Participated as an adviser to the Turkish Cypriot Delegation during the negotiations that led to the   establishment of the Republic of Cyprus on 16/08/1960 and subsequently was appointed as the first Auditor   General of the new State.
  • 1964-67   Following the unfortunate eruption of the Cyprus conflict on 21 December 1963 he undertook responsibility   assisting the newly set up Transitional Turkish Cypriot Administration in the planning and management of the   finances of the new transitional political entity pending the final settlement of the Cyprus Problem.
  • 1967-1976  Minister of Finance of Turkish Cypriot Administration/Federated State
  • 1977 – 81   President of Turkish Cypriot Delegation during talks between Cyprus Turkish Federated State and EEC on   economic issues relating to the Association Agreement between the then EEC-Cyprus including financing of   various infrastructural projects, Deputy chairman of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Manager of   Cyprus Turkish Tourism Enterprises Ltd.
  • 1983  Established Tatar & Co., a firm of Chartered Accountants
  • 1984-2005  Turkish Cypriot Member and Rotational Chairman of the Tripartite Autonomous Committee on Missing   Persons in Cyprus.
  • 1997-  President of North Cyprus Chartered and Certified Public Accountants Association